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SoftwareTesting Training

Software testing training in Chennai with Placement Point Solutions provides an extensive full coverage of a number of advanced software testing concepts and their implementation in testing real-time projects. The training offers hands-on experience in software testing with a number of commonly used testing tools like QTP, HP QC, Load Runner, etc.

With world-class infrastructure and with a dynamic experienced faculty team, we provide the best software testing training in Chennai. The course focuses on the Knowledge by Experiments strategy to ensure that the students are actually able to implement their software testing knowledge on real-time testing projects and various modulations.

After completion of the software testing training course in Chennai at Placement Point Solutions, the students are awarded a global Certificate which is recognized as well as accepted not only in India but also in foreign countries. Our industry-focused curriculum is in line with the international standards to make sure that the training strength fully prepares our students for jobs not just in India but foreign countries too.

Our software testing training institute in Chennai with more than 15 years of experience in the training industry, which is one of the leading company which offer global certifications. Our long experience in the industry allows us to understand the demands of more IT companies with regards to the requirements of software testers.

Apart from providing world-class training to our students at Placement Point Solutions, we are also offering 100% placement guarantee. We are the best training institute providing the excellent software testing training in Chennai with placementfor our students after completion of the course.

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At the end of the Software Testing classes, you will instill the following skills:

  • Testing throughout the testing lifecycle
  • Static techniques
  • Test design techniques
  • Test Management
  • Tools support for testing

Course Content & Syllabus for Software Testing Training in Chennai:

Module-1 Manual Testing


  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Importance of Software Testing
  • Define Software, Quality, Testing
  • Seven Principles of Software testing
  • Terms which is used in SQT like Defect, Error, Bug, Failure, Fault, etc…
  • Software Development Life Cycle

Models of Software Engineering

  • Linear Sequential Model (Water Fall Model)
  • Prototype Model
  • Incremental Model (RAD)
  • Spiral Model
  • V Model

Fundamentals of Testing

  • Seven Testing Principles
  • Psychology of Testing
  • Static Testing
  • Review
  • Inspection
  • Audit
  • Walkthrough

Testing Methodologies

  • Black Box Testing
  • Boundary Value Analysis
  • Equivalent class Partitioning
  • Decision table Testing
  • State transition testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Conditional Coverage
  • Branch Coverage
  • Gray Box Testing

Testing Levels

  • unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Non Functional Testing
  • Alpha-Beta Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Final release and Integrity Testing

Types of Testing

  • Re-Testing and Regression Testing
  • Sanity Testing and Smoke Testing
  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Load, Stress, Volume, Endurance Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Positive and Negative Testing
  • Adhoc Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Usability testing

Test Management

  • Test plan
  • Software Test Life Cycle (STLC)
  • Test Case
  • Test Data
  • Overview of Traceability Matrix and creation
  • Overview of Test Metrics and its Importance
  • Optimizing Test Cases (Testing Techniques)
  • Defect Life Cycle
  • Bug Reporting and Management
  • Severity Vs Priority

Agile Methodology

  • Introduction to Agile Methodology
  • Scrum Process
  • Meeting & Artifacts like Sprint, Sprint Burn Down chart, Sprint, Sprint Review etc.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • ISO and CMM certifications and its relevance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Configuration Management

  • Goals of Configuration Management
  • Configuration Management Plan

Live Project

  • Web Portal
  • Tours

MODULE-2 Automation Testing

(Quick Test Professional)

  • Introduction to Quick Test Professional(QTP)
  • Types of Recording

Normal, Analog & Low Level

  • Types of Object Repository
  • Merging of Object Repository
  • Check Points
  • Standard Checkpoint
  • Text Checkpoint
  • Text Area Checkpoint
  • Bitmap Checkpoint
  • Database Checkpoint
  • Accessibility Checkpoint
  • XML Checkpoint (from application)
  • XML Checkpoint (from resources)


  • Data Table
  • Random Number
  • Environment Variable
  • Action Parameter

Output Values

  • Standard Output Value
  • Text Output Value
  • Text Area Output Value
  • Database Output Value
  • XML Output Value (from application)
  • XML Output Value (from resources)

Recovery Scenario Manager

  • Popup & Object
  • Test Run error
  • Application Crash


  • Call to new action
  • Call to existing action
  • Call to copy action
  • Call to Win Runner
  • Test Batch Runner

Defect Tracking Tool

  • Introduction to Mantis
  • Use of Mantis on live platform

Performance Testing Tool (Load Runner)

  • Introduction to Load Runner (LR)
  • Load Runner Testing Process
  • Working with Vuser Scripts
  • Working with Vuser
  • Setting Transactions
  • Define Rendezvous Point
  • Inserting Rendezvous Point
  • Load Runner Controller
  • Load Runner Generator
  • Generating Load through Vusers
  • Load Runner Result Analyzer
  • Generating Reports

MODULE-3 Database Testing


  • What is Database Application?
  • Understanding data storage
  • Back end & front end Testing
  • General Database Basics
  • Relational Database Concepts

Basic Sql

  • Overview of DML , DDL, TCL
  • DML : Insert , update , Delete , marge
  • DDL : Create, Drop, Alter, Rename,

Modify, Truncate

  • TCL : Commit, Role Back, SavePoint


  • Obtaining data from multiple tables
  • Types of joins : Inner joins, Non eques Join, Cross Join, Natural Join, Left Join, Right join, Full Join

Operators : (Data Using Group Function)

  • Arithmetic Operator
  • Relational/Logical
  • Like Operator

Constraints & View

  • Not Null
  • Unique
  • Primary key
  • Foreign key
  • Check

MODULE-4 Mobile Application Testing

  • Keynote MITEv2.4
  • Smartphone Simulator
  • Smartphone Emulator
  • Responsive Testing
  • Android Virtual Device (AVDv5.0)

MODULE-5 Cloud Computing Testing

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

MODULE-6 Unix/Linux System Testing

  • Putty

MODULE-7 Test Management Tools

  • Task Allocation Tool IBM-Clear Quest(CQ)
  • Defect Tracking Tool Bugzilla/Jira
  • Centralize Management of Testing Documents VSS
  • Email System Outlook Express
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About Course

The Targeted Audience for training:

  • Students / Fresher’s
  • Software programmers
  • Web Developers

Jobs that are ideal for /trained professionals include:

  • Lead Software Test Engineer
  • Senior Software Test Engineer
  • Senior Software QA
  • Manual Tester – Software Test Engineer
  • Junior Test Engineer
  • Software Testing
  • Software Testing Fresher
  • Junior Software Tester
Basic understanding and usage of computers and internet. Knowledge on manual testing is an added advantage.

“Thanks to Placement Point Solutions, I got placed in top MNC company as ERP associate,got very good training on technology and they helped me towards interview preparation and abt communication skills, so that I performed well in interview and I got placed now.”

Ayesha, Ideas2IT

“Experienced faculty for teaching. The teaching quality is excellent here. Theoretical as well as practical knowledge is provided. The institute is known for its excellence and all the members here are really supportive to students”.

Ram Kumar

Placement Point Solutions Course duration for Software Testing Training in chennai

Fast Track Training Program (6+ hours daily) Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening) Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)