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AWS is the main competitor in the field of cloud computing. AWS technologies are very broad and are traditional technologies such as servers, databases, etc., that are hosted only in the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive and evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon that includes a combination of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software offerings as a service (SaaS). AWS services can offer organizational tools, such as computing power, database storage and content delivery services.Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure security services platform, which offers computational power, data bank armament, content delivery and other functionalities for companies such as scaling and growing.

AWS  main focus is to prepare the learner to highly deliver the needed cloud-based solutions as well as applications for the Amazon Web Services. Learners are first equipped with the basics and then build their skills on what best matches what is needed in the field. There are several critical facts elaborated at KernelSphere Offers Hardware, IT Services, Solutions & Training that you need to know concerning AWS Training. They are as discussed below:

Over the past few years, AWS has witnessed a plummeting cost. All you have to understand is that, the price paid for the cloud consists of some multiple components. Most users try to multiply the cost of an instance to the number of hours used. Unfortunately, doing this will not necessarily give you an idea of how much the service costs.

For you to understand how much you are paying for the cloud training, you should include the cost of internet traffic and that of storage too.

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Key Features

About AWS Course

Cloud computing being the need of the hour, provides solutions and services hosted in cloud environment, for usage on the internet. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon, and provides a mix of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and packaged software as a service (SaaS) offerings.AWS Cloud provides facilities such as computing power, storage options, networking and databases in a set of infrastructure service. It help in business growth. With the help of AWS you can build your own application with increased flexibility, reliability and scalability.Join our AWS Course in Chennai to learn the important services practically and get certified, in order to build a successful career path.

Amazon Web Services certification is one of the famous certifications in the Cloud Computing domain. According to the latest update from, they have been providing three different levels of certifications which are as follows,

  • Foundational level Certification
  • Associate level Certification
  • Professional level Certification

Click the link to get the detailed description of AWS Certification (Updated)

Amazon Web Services being a high in demand trending technology, comes with added benefits

  • Cloud is the future of business technology, and certification helps you demonstrate the skill.
  • Amazon provides AWS certification at a reasonable cost than of its competitors on cloud computing.
  • Demanded skills always make you earn higher.

AWS Training Key Features

  • Overview
  • Course Content
  • Program Details
  • Reviews

Learning Outcomes of our Best AWS Training

Our AWS Course content designed by industry experts to make our candidates as AWS Professionals.

  • First of all, Understood AWS Architecture and Good Knowledge in different cloud computing Models.
  • Moreover, Become a Master in 25+ AWS Services
  • Likewise, Have undergone Reat-time projects by using Compute, Storage, Database, Security, Networking and Application Services.
  • Most importantly, Knowledge in AWS Mail Service.
  • Create user account in cloud and start use maximum of services.
  • To Sum up, Knowledge in host real-time projects in Cloud.

Most Important Applications of AWS Services

Amazon Web services are widely used for various computing purposes like:

  • Web site hosting
  • Application hosting/SaaS hosting
  • Media Sharing (Image/ Video)
  • Mobile and Social Applications
  • Content delivery and Media Distribution
  • Storage, backup, and disaster recovery
  • Development and test environments
  • Academic Computing
  • Search Engines
  • Also,Social Networking
Section 1: Cloud computing Introduction
  • History of Cloud Computing
  • Concept of Client Server Computing
  • Distributed Computing and its Challenges
  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Why Cloud Computing?
  • Advantages of Cloud Computing
Section 2: Cloud Computing Deployment Models
  • Introduction of Private Cloud
  • Understanding Public Cloud?
  • Overview of Hybrid Cloud?
Section 3: Cloud Delivery/Service Models
  • What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)?
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?
Section 4: Basics of Linux
  • Basic Linux Commands
  • Basic Linux Administration
Section 5: Introduction to AWS Services
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Auto Scaling
  • Amazon ElastiCache
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Cloud Formation
  • Simple Email Services (SES)
  • Simple Queue Services (SQS)
  • Simple Notification Services (SNS)
  • Server less computing (Lambda)
  • Import/Export (Snowball)
  • Code Commit
  • Cloud Trail
  • Elastic Beanstack
  • Cloud Front
  • Route-53
  • Glacier
  • Key Management Service (KMS)
Section 6: Introduction to AWS
  • RSubscription - AWS
  • AWS Management Console
Section 7: Need of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Regions and Availability Zones
  • Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
  • Working with AMIs
  • Choosing the AMI
  • Deciding / Finding an AMI
  • EC2 instances - Pricing model
  • On-demand, Reserved, Scheduled, Spot instances, Dedicated Hosts
  • Elastic Cloud Computing Reserved Instance Marketplace
  • Importing and Exporting EC2 Instances
Section 8: Elastic Cloud Computing Instances
  • Building an Elastic Cloud Computing Windows instance & Linux Instance
  • Bootstrapping with user-data
  • Security Set up
  • Security with Key Pairs
  • Working with Security Group
  • Different IPs assigned to an Elastic Cloud Computing instance
  • Assigning Elastic IPs
  • Login/Access to EC2 instance
  • Creating your own custom AMI, Registering & Granting access to AMI
  • Placement groups
  • EC2 instance protection
  • Instance Roles
  • Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs)
  • Resources and Tags
  • Accessing Meta-Data & use cases.
Real-time Practicals
  • Launch of Linux EC2 instance
  • Apache installation
  • Securing instance
  • Launching webserver
  • Launching Windows EC2 instance
  • Image creation
  • Instance launch from image
  • Procuring Static IP
Section 9: Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • What is Elastic Block Store (EBS)?
  • EBS Volume Types
  • What is EBS Encryption?
  • EBS Performance
  • Instance Store volumes
  • Instance Stores Available on Instance Types
  • Instance Store Usage Scenarios
  • Adding Instance Store Volumes to an AMI
  • Optimize the Disk Performance
  • Create and delete volumes
  • Attach and detach volumes
  • Mount and Unmount the attached volume
  • Increase the volume size
  • Create snapshots
  • How to Create Volumes & AMIs from Snapshots?
  • Cross-Region snapshot copy & use cases.
Real-time Practicals
  • Creating new EBS block
  • Attaching the new block to linux instance
  • Formating the block
  • Using the block for storage
  • Handling IOPS details
  • Detaching and attaching the block to new instance
  • Switching the block to new zone
  • Using snapshots
  • Handling the new EBS block for Windows instance
Section 10: Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)
  • What is ELB?
  • How ELB Works?
  • Types of ELB
  • How to Create load balancer
  • What is Internal & External Load balancers?
  • Load balancing protocols
  • What is Listener Configurations?
  • What is SSL Negotiation Configurations?
  • How to Attach & Detach Subnets?
  • To create Security groups for the load balancer?
  • What is Cross-Zone Load Balancing?
  • How to Configure health check for the load balancer?
  • Sticky Sessions
  • How to Add multiple instances to the load balancer?
  • Overview of Custom Domain Names?
  • What is DNS Failover?
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • What is Connection Draining?
  • ELB traffic logging
Section 11: Auto Scaling
  • Introduction to auto scaling
  • Auto scaling components
  • Advantages of auto scaling
  • Launch configuration Prerequisites.
  • How to Create launch configuration?
  • Creation of Auto Scaling Groups (ASG)?
  • How to Attach & Detach EC2 Instances in ASG?
  • configure auto scaling policies based on the Load on EC2 instances?
  • Auto scaling with Elastic Load balancer (ELB)?
  • Removing the Instances Temporarily
  • Suspend and Resume Process
  • Shut Down - Auto Scaling Process
  • Monitoring - Auto Scaling Instances
  • Health Checks
  • Getting Notifications When ASG Changes
Real-time Practicals
  • Creation of EC2 webservers
  • Creation of Load balancer
  • Configuring healthy and unhealthy thrushold
  • Picking the load balancer application, network and classical
  • Registering the EC2 instances
  • Validation of load balancing
  • Confiring Autoscaling
  • Creation of Launch Configuration
  • Configuring Min, Max and Desired count on instances
  • Validation autoscaling
Section 12: Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • How to Create and delete buckets?
  • How to Add objects to buckets?
  • Getting the objects
  • Deleting the objects
  • What is Notifications?
  • S3 storage and it’s usage
  • How to Work with Permissions of S3, Access Control, Bucket policy?
  • Types of S3 Data encryption
  • S3 Objects Enable Versioning and Logging
  • Overview of S3 Lifecycle rules
  • Accessing the Simple Storage Services with Tools
  • How to Host a Static Website?
  • Cross-Origin - Resource Sharing
  • Cross-region - replication
  • AWS CloudTrail - Audit Logging
Real-time Practicals
  • Creation of S3 buckets
  • Loading objects and folders in buckets
  • Securing objetcs
  • Using Access policies
  • Dealing with access control lists
  • Using buckets and objects features
  • policy generator
  • Creating the bucket as webserver
  • S3 command line interface
  • Accessing S3 using Python
Section 13: Glacier Storage
  • How to Create Vaults?
  • Working with Archives
  • Access the Glacier vault using tools
  • Backups using Glacier
  • Understanding Job Operations
  • What is Data Retrieval Policy Operations?

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Real-time Practicals
  • Creation of Glacier vaults
  • Pushing the archives via CLI
  • Details on archieve id, checksum, location and S3 lifecycle management
Section 14: Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Create user accounts
  • How to Set up multi factor Authentication (MFA)?
  • IAM Roles
  • IAM Groups
  • Delegation of User Permissions
  • Create of custom policies for delegation
  • How to Use Identity Providers?
  • Accessing Cross-Account
  • Account settings
  • What is Credential Report?
  • Encryption – Key Management Service (KMS)
Real-time Practicals
  • Creating subusers
  • Providing UI and CLI access
  • Assigning permissions
  • Creating policies in JSON
  • Usgae of Groups
  • Roles revisited
  • Password Management
  • Overview on MFA
Section 15: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Setting up the different types of networks in AWS
  • How to Create custom VPC?
  • What is NACLs & Security Groups?
  • Create Internet Gateway(IGW)
  • Connect to instances in the gateway
  • What is Subnets, Route Tables & Association?
  • NAT Instances & NAT-Gateways
  • DHCP Options Sets & DNS
  • VPC Peering
  • Overview of VPN and its components
Real-time Practicals
  • Exclusive demo on VPC scenario 1 and Scenario 2
  • Creation and configuring the IP Address for VPC
  • Creation of subnet
  • Configuring route table
  • Creation of internet gateways
  • Security group creation
  • Launch of NAT instances
  • Usage of VPC Wizard
Section 16: Route 53
  • Configure Amazon Route 53 as Your DNS Service
  • Register a Domain Name and Configure Amazon Route 53 as the DNS Service
  • DNS Service Migration for an Existing Domain to Amazon Route 53
  • Create a Sub domain that Uses Amazon Route 53 without Migrating the Parent Domain
  • with Public Hosted Zones
  • To Work with Private Hosted Zones
  • Work with Resource Record Sets
  • Overview of Health Checks and DNS Failover
  • Health Checks - Creation, Updation, and Deletion
  • Transfer a Domain from a Different AWS Account or Registrar
  • To Use IAM to Control Access to Amazon Route 53 Resources?
Real-time Practicals
  • Launch of EC2 instance
  • Creation of Apache Webserver
  • Enabling Static IP
  • Adding hosted zones
  • Fetching nameserver details
  • Linking the nameserver details with our DNS provider
  • Creation of recordset
  • Using the domain name to see the webpages instead of IP Address
Section 17: Cloud watch
  • Debugging cloud issues
  • AWS Service Health Dashboard Monitoring
  • Cloud watch Monitoring
  • How to get statistics for a specific EC2 instance?
  • aggregated statistics
  • Metrics for other AWS Services and related namespaces
  • How to Set up notifications?
Real-time Practicals
  • Dealing with metrics of all AWS services
  • Creation of Alarm
  • Linking the alarm with SNS topic
  • Manually triggering an event to validate the alarm and SNS
Section 18: Simple Notification Services (SNS)
  • Create a topic
  • Subscribe to topic via Email
  • How to set notification for EC2 instance changes?
Real-time Practicals
  • Creation of SNS Topic
  • Usage of subscription
  • Linking the subcription to a topic
  • Visualizing the notification using topic
Section 19: Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • Create a queue
  • How to Send messages to the queue?
  • Sending Simple Notification Services to Simple Queue Services
  • Retrieving messages from Simple Queue Services
Real-time Practicals
  • Creation of Standard queues
  • Configuration of queues
  • Handling message pooling
  • Creation of FIFO queues
  • Accessing the queue via Python scripts
  • Pushing and Pulling the messages from queue using Python scripts
Section 20: Simple Email Services (SES)
  • How to Set up email domain?
  • Limits of Simple Email Services
  • Test Email setup
Real-time Practicals
  • Adding and validating Emails in AWS
  • Triggering Emails manually using RAW email feature
  • Triggering emails via Python scripts
Section 21: Elastic Beanstalk
  • Create Web-App using Elastic Beanstalk
  • Build a sample application using Beanstalk
  • Modify the properties of deployment
Real-time Practicals
  • Creation of Beanstalk Application
  • Creation of a new environment under the application
  • Launch of a webserver using Beanstalk
  • Configuring the environment
  • Enabling notification for the environment
  • Usage on version controlon beanstalk
Section 22: Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • What is DB Instances?
  • Select the DB-Engine
  • Configure the Database Server
  • To Create the Database
  • How to Set up automatic backups, snapshots & restores?
  • Authorizing access to the DB with RDS Security Groups
  • DB Instance Replication
  • Security: Using IAM to Manage Access to Amazon RDS Resources
  • What is RDS Limits?
  • How to Manage MySql Database server?
  • DB Instance Life Cycle: How to Rename a DB Instance
  • How to Delete or Reboot a DB Instance?
  • Overview of Storage Types
  • Upgrade a DB Instance
  • Option Groups & DB Parameter Groups
  • How to work with Reserved DB Instances?
  • Understanding Monitoring
  • What is Database Log Files?
Real-time Practicals
  • Choosing the DB engine
  • Selecting the DB version
  • Configuring the deployment details
  • Using credentials and default DB details
  • Configuring VPC and Subnets
  • Enabling logs
  • Enabling security via security groups and IAM policies
  • Usgae on upgrades and maintenance window
  • Snapshot creation
  • Launch of RDS instance
Section 23: Cloud Front
  • How Cloud Front Delivers the Content?
  • Distributions
  • Web Distributions
  • How to Work with Objects?
  • Request and Response Behaviour
  • How to Serve Private Content through Cloud Front?
  • Accessing Objects using HTTPS Connection
  • How to Use IAM to Control Access to Cloud Front Resources?
  • Monitor Cloud Front Activity Using CloudWatch
Real-time Practicals
  • Creation of Distribution
  • Enable of Distribution
  • Using S3 bucket for static contents
  • Creating root object
  • Enabling the HTTP/HTTPS protocols
  • Usgae of own domain
  • Using the cloudfront url for accessing the webpage
  • Check on statistics
Section 24: ElastiCache
  • Introduction to ElastiCache Terminology and Concepts
  • How to take Backup and How to Restore?
  • What is Clusters Explanation ( Memcached and Redis )?
  • Cloud Watch Metrics with ElastiCache
  • How to Manage ElastiCache?
  • How to Manage Replication Groups?
  • DNS Names and Underlying IP
Section 25: Cloud Formation
  • How to Build AWS infrastructure as a code?
  • Sample templates - Utilization
  • JSON - Introduction
Section 26: Use Cases
  • Cloud Architecture and its Best Practices
  • How to Optimize the Cost?
  • Security Considerations
  • How to Calculate the Cost?
  • AWS CLI & use case to check instance, ELB, EBS states
  • How to Build a simple web application in the AWS cloud?
  • Certification Track & guidance

You will be going through detailed 2 to 3 months of AWS Hands-on training

  • Detailed instructor led sessions to help you become a proficient Expert in AWS.
  • Build a AWS professional portfolio by working on hands on assignments and projects.
  • Personalised mentorship from professionals working in leading companies.
  • Lifetime access to downloadable AWS course materials, interview questions and project resources.
Best AWS Training Program In Chennai  

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Definitely a top-notch quality AWS training program in Chennai, Since the trainer here is Professional level AWS Certified solution architect he guided me well in getting my certification. The AWS WhatsApp group which they created helped me to clear the queries at any time. I would definitely suggest Credo Systemz as AWS authorized training partner in Chennai to get your amazon aws certification.

AWS administrator training  

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Hi everyone, I am Beula from Madurai. Joined in Credo Systemz AWS Training in Velachery in May month. As I already have work experience as a support engineer I joined here to get my AWS certification and as planned I have now completed my AWS Associate level certification examination. The trainer and the training here helped me a lot to clear my certification easily. Also, the AWS training cost in Chennai is also feasible and worth paying. You can definitely learn all the important services here practically.

AWS Training Institute in Velachery  

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Myself Sherlin joined Credo Systemz to be a certified AWS administrator for my career growth, AWS course here went practically with all the needed aws services for examination. After the session I have applied for AWS SysOps administrator examination and cleared it easily because of my trainer’s guidance during the training.

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As network engineer I choose AWS certification for my future career, Joined Credo Systemz AWS training center in Velachery. The trainer here handled the session with the real time scenarios from his own experience. Assisted me whenever I need and also gave tips to clear the exam easily. AWS solution architect is my first certification exam and I have completed it successfully. Thank you Credo Systemz and my trainer.

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Successfully completed my AWS solution architect certification after completing my aws course in Credo Systemz. Thank You

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I will say Credo Systemz is a good place for your AWS Certification in Chennai. I recently completed my AWS training in Chennai. My trainer is a well experienced person, helped me through out the training with his own experiences without any second thought. I am very much thankful to my trainer and Credo Systemz for providing this best AWS training in Chennai.

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Hai I am Jagathish, I Completed Amazon Web Services training in Credo Systemz. Joined here after had a free demo session with the trainer. He explained the concepts very clearly, He taught all AWS training topics with real time examples. Minimum AWS course fees in chennai when comparing with other institutes though providing the best aws certification course. The course content starts from basics and then moves to advanced concepts which is helpful to learn the concepts clearly.

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This is Vikash.. Overall Amazon web service course in Credo Systemz was very nice, Completed all the topic thoroughly. My Trainer explained all the topics very clearly with real time practical examples which made the AWS training session very interactive. I'm sure now that I can deal with any type of AWS projects. Thank you Credo for give best AWS training..

AWS Training In Velachery  

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Hai guys .. This is Vishnu and I Completed my Amazon Web Services Training in chennai at Credo Systemz. The course content was really excellent and updated topics which useful to get more knowledge about AWS. My trainer was very knowledgeable and cleared doubts clearly. All training session are very interactive and give more examples for every topics. I highly recommended Credo Systemz for doing AWS training in chennai..

AWS Training Program In Chennai  

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I am Rajesh and did my Amazon Web Services training @ Credo Systemz. I am completely satisfied with the course. My trainer is very professional and explained all the topics very clearly with examples. This course is a very good mixture of theoretical and practical sessions. In this institute AWS training fees are really applicable to all. If my friends ask, I will surely refer my friends to take AWS Course @ Credo Systemz. Thank you Credo Systemz

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Amazon Web Services Training in Chennai

Placement Point Solutions provides an affordable AWS Training in Chennai which provides ultimate support to the candidates. Like wise, our Amazon web services course content covers all the topics from basics like networking and could computing introduction to advanced topics.  Such as cloud front, elastic cache, and also cloud formation. Most importantly,  this unique hands-on training program helps the candidates to be highly qualified Amazon Web Service administrators in this industry. Also Minimum amazon web services training cost in Chennai while comparing others since providing the best training in the city.

In addition, Cloud Computing training in Chennai with AWS Certification is much needed now because of its market growth. The survey says the worldwide market growth of Cloud computing increasing at an average of 30%. In that “Amazon Web Services” is the best and most used cloud service platform.

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Details

First of all, AWS Solution Architect Associate level certification is one of the most popular certification for an individual who perform solution architect role. Also, this certification also has more number of job opportunities and good payscale as well, so that we have shared the certification details Such as Exam Duration, Exam level, AWS training and certification cost given below.


We are also providing assistance to clear all the levels of AWS certification exams on successfully completing the AWS course in our institute. To know more about the training and certification please feel free to reach us via  +91-7358655420


Placement Assistance after completing AWS course in Chennai

We are providing the complete placement assistance for each and every candidate according to their need. Our placement approach will be unique and professional which is handled down by a separate team of experienced professionals. The team will guide you in,

  • Resume Building
  • Mock Interview by Professionals
  • Updating the frequently asked interview questions & answers
  • Helping you to Complete AWS Certifications.
  • Regular Assignments & Assessment to examine the candidate’s knowledge
  • Frequent update about the latest job opportunities available in and around Chennai

AWS Training with Placement in Chennai

Our AWS training will also suits for the candidates who are looking for career change or job opportunity as a AWS developer. The training pattern is completely of hands-on approach with live projects and case studies handled by certified AWS developers. Also, it helps you to learn AWS easily be an expert in handling Amazon Web Services and get your dream job.

Thus we are the AWS authorized training partner in Chennai our course content and training will meet the latest expectation from the industry. Further,successfully completing the training program you can able to easily clear all the AWS official certifications, even Placement Point Solutions is referred for AWS certified solutions architect training in Chennai.


AWS Online Training India

As we all know the demand for Cloud Computing is increasing day by day hence it is the right time to learn AWS. Our AWS Online Certification training will help you learn AWS online through step by step process from certified cloud developers.


Highlights of AWS Training by Placement Point Solutions:

  • First of all our, Amazon Web Services certification course will be handled AWS certified & experienced professionals.
  • Secondly, Placement Point Solutions ranked as the No.1 AWS training institute in Chennai due to covering most AWS Services and specially designed AWS course content.
  • Most Importantly, real-time project scenarios & case studies will be shared during the AWS certification course.
  • Further, Providing placement assistance & AWS certification guidance to every individual candidate.
  • Similarly, You will learn all the significant and most used Amazon Web Services during the session.
  • We offer mock interviews, job updates and also regular trending updates on AWS & Cloud Computing.
  • Likewise, Providing the best AWS training and certification in affordable course fees.
  • In addition, AWS training program available over online and classroom as weekend & weekday sessions.

Ranked as Best AWS Training in Chennai

  • Firstly, Placement Point Solutions ranked as the No.1 AWS Training institute in Chennai. We have successfully trained 1500+ IT professionals.
  • Detailed Course Plan to help both Fresher & Experienced Professionals, detailing on 20+ services.
  • In addition, proividing the Real Time Practical oriented AWS Training center in chennai omr.
  • Likewise, Skilled & expert trainers with 10+ years of IT industry experience. Most Importantly AWS Certification Course is handled by AWS Professional Level Certified Trainers
  • In addition, flexible AWS training program in Weekdays, Weekends and Online as well.
  • On other hand, Complete Hands-on AWS training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.
  • Specially designed AWS Certification course content which covers more than 20+ services.
  • Moreover, in reality providing the best AWS training and certification in chennai with minimum AWS course fees in Chennai.
    The most importantly, Suggested by more than 2000+ amazon certified candidates as AWS authorized training partner in Chennai.
  • Moreover, to cater to any special needs of the candidates, we offer Online AWS Training program as well.
  • On the other hand, Professional teams to assist with Career guidance, Interview preparation and Mock Interviews. Also Placement Counselling, AWS Certification Assistance, Resume writing and Job updates.
  • Further, Our unique AWS Course syllabus suits for both Freshers and Experienced Professionals.
  • In conclusion, ranked as Best AWS Training Institute in Chennai providing best AWS training in the city with nominal course fees. Above all, attend the 1st AWS session for free !!

Ranked as Best AWS Training in Chennai

YES!AWS Certification – according to the official AWS Certification website, the candidate applying for examination must have practical hands-on experience to clear the AWS Certification exam. Placement Point Solutions provides the best hands-on AWS Training in Chennai to provide the candidate with the practical orientation and help them to successfully get AWS certified.

The team has drafted the training course plan with the utmost care, so to provide the best hands-on AWS Training in Chennai with the practical orientation, and help them to successfully get AWS certified. Similarly, All required content related tutorials will be shared with the candidate as well Reach us @ +91-7358655420 for our Career guidance expert team and to brief more in detail on this subject, and assist you with your questions.

This being the most frequently asked question by our joiners enquiring on our AWS training in Chennai, we have an answer,

  • First of all, No Coding Background required
  • Basic understanding of IT Infrastructure
  • Basic understanding of Networking, OS, DB, Storage
  • Fundamentals of IaaS and how cloud services work exactly

Amazon Web Services being a high in demand trending technology, comes with added benefits,

  • Cloud is the future of business technology, and certification helps you demonstrate the skill
  • Amazon provides AWS certification at a reasonable cost, than of its competitors on cloud computing.
  • Demanded skills always make you earn higher.

An AWS Administrator must have the following Roles and Responsibilities to be a appear for AWS Certification exam.

  • Can able to Deploy, Manage and Operate highly scalable fault tolerance systems on AWS
  • Knowledge in Migrating an existing application to AWS
  • The flow of data to and from AWS can be implemented and controlled
  • Appropriate AWS service selection based on the data
  • Estimating and controlling the AWS usuage cost,operational cost

Our AWS Training in Chennai helps you to get the following certifications,

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • AWS Certified Developer
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
  • AWS Certified Big Data
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible
  • Cost – Effective
  • Reliable
  • Scalable and High Performance Secure

AWS Classroom Training in Chennai:

  • Regular classroom-based training: 40 to 45hrs
  • Fast Track (1-1): 15 days.
  • Choose your options for weekday or weekend classroom training.
  • Online 1-1 training – please send us your request here or call +91-7358655420
    • Assessments – Our training pattern includes conducting frequent assessments to understand your technical competence & brief your areas of improvement, during the tenure of the course.
    • Interview Questionnaire – At Placement Point Solutions, a dedicated team is available to collate the frequently asked questions in the Top MNCs, and will share the questionnaire with our candidates.
    • Mock Interviews – At the end of the course, a team of highly qualified real-time IT technical experts from the industry assess your knowledge on the language, by conducting interviews, and share the feedback so you can crack the interview with confidence & at ease.
  • Resume Building Services – Expert trainers guide our candidates on the Resume preparation which will profoundly help you put your career on track.

Placement Point Solutions offers Class room training, online training and Corporate Training. The training will be provided by expert trainers having more than 10+years IT experience currently working in the Industry.Book Your Free Demo Session: +91-7358655420

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