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PLACEMENT POINT SOLUTIONS offers services for programs related to web design. We provide our immersive graduates with 100% placement assistance, training and opportunities that improve knowledge and skills. We offer training based on current industry standards. Create a solid portfolio with a highly developed curriculum for web design training. 

PLACEMENT POINT SOLUTIONS Academy, the main training institute for the creation of Chennai websites, offers classroom sessions that are based entirely on practical sessions.

We have made several lots with limited students so that the tutor can monitor the individual attention of each student. PLACEMENT POINT SOLUTIONS sessions are more interactive and well structured, seeking the comfort of our students. Our PLACEMENT POINT SOLUTIONS specialists are high-level graduates who work in leading multinational companies. Individual sessions in the classroom are also held for the good of the students. 

PLACEMENT POINT SOLUTIONS instructors are dynamic and have a good command of communication, which helps to offer the best methodologies in our web design course in Chennai.Part-time and full-time web design course in Chennai if you are looking for part-time or full-time, we will provide training at your convenience. Weekends and many working days are available for students and professionals who work for effective web design training.

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Key Features

About Python Course

The main language used for net style is
HTML: base guide
CSS: style
PHP: server facet scripts

To set a picture as a background on an online page, purpose the background of the body to the name of your image that you just need to line as a background, as shown below.
</head> tag.
<body background = “picturesque”>
You can additionally correct the background image so, once victimization the scroll bar within the browser, it doesn’t move. To do this, add the PROPERTIES tag as shown below.
<body background = “picturesque” properties = “fixed”>

Receptive style is AN approach to making websites to produce an best viewing and interaction expertise. It focuses on straightforward web site navigation with borderline scrolling, scrolling and scaling on all devices.
Bootstrap is that the most well-liked CSS, markup language and JS framework used for responsive net style development.

Web designing Training Key Features

  • Overview
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  • Program Details
  • Reviews

Cutting-edge projects since 2019
Digital products are at the center of the stage to attract audiences with design and content. Design and content are the first thing that attracts students to learn more and explore more. Those who have design talent suggest a career choice as a web designer, fashion designer, interior designer and game designer. Let me see some recent trends in web design. Interfaces based on voice, augmented reality, grid, CSS variables, authentication patterns, trend recognition, design operations, narratives and artificial intelligence are some of the key issues that should grow in 2019. Courses to acquire a passionate profession that It causes creativity.

Voice-based interfaces
IoT has opened the door to the voice-based interface. Voice sensors and readings are used for the work process. Technologies such as automatic voice recognition, natural language comprehension and text-to-speech are making voice-based interfaces more powerful. The use of artificial intelligence together with the VUI makes it smarter. The start pod of Apple, Google home, Microsoft, Amazon and apple and facebook are using the voice user interface to improve the user experience. The top five technology companies are using the voice-based user interface to improve the user experience with their large customer base. Web design classes in Chennai are held with the motto of placing many students per year and drawing the best talents from the students.
Amazon uses voice-based devices, such as the echo smart speaker and the kindle fire tablet. This technology is used for entertainment, language translation, language pronunciation, music through applications such as the Spotify skill, buy through the domino skill and book a taxi through the super skill. Therefore, voice-based applications are used for music, shopping and taxi reservations with less writing effort. The interesting thing about this application is that it is used in banks, as well as Alexa's main ability to verify bank details and even payments are processed through voice assistants in PayPal. Join the Best Web Design Institute in Chennai at PLACEMENT POINT SOLUTIONS and become an expert in web design.
At times of increased activity these days or when several tasks are performed regularly, voice search is used. The customer voice mapping survey as a channel is captured in the user experience survey. The flow of users clearly states that the need for voice support is required. If the client requires a live chat or chat, this can be incorporated into the voice application for additional improvisation. Competitive analysis, customer map and research

Augmented reality
Dialogue in design and content is important, as it is the title tag for the voice-based service. The company's keywords, the conversation process and the relevant information for the user are mentioned in the dialog box. Join web design classes and clean interviews with complete confidence. The three stages of voice-based interaction are the anatomy of a voice command, intention, expression and space. Low utility and high utility interactions are represented with intention. The high utility is for the specific task and involves the integration of IoT, such as turning off the shower and adjusting the temperature in an air conditioner. The bass utility is a collection of information from the website or listening to songs from downloaded songs, etc. There are so many phrases for the same question, like listening to music, that you can say how to play music, I want to listen to music, I want to hear listen to music. Therefore, multiple variations are called statements. Artificial intelligence uses the declaration to process the request and link it with actions. The space is like a form that completes the information required for the client's request. The Web Design Training Centers in Chennai know the industry standards and student knowledge to get the best out of the students.

The design structure is the main thing that must be organized. The grid system helps in multiple screens. The grid divides the page into vertical and cross. Column division is useful for the design aspect. Text, images, decorations and the call to action are formatted separately using the grid.

CSS variables
CSS is a declarative syntax to guide the HTML page to display it. The value of the CSS variable is changed using the javascript programming language. The CSS element can be added to any web part to customize it. It is a very popular technology in web design and is the rule of most web design projects. They allow nesting selectors in the design project, the import function becomes easy and provides variables that are commonly known as CSS variables. CSS can be used with Internet Explorer and is also compatible with previous versions of the browser. Publish CSS or Myth are the libraries used if the browser does not support it.

Authentication Standards
The World Wide Web collects user agent information for identity or association. To build a network or circle of registered users, the use of authorization is essential. Interaction through the user's browsing experience or the collection of details from the user's social network is important for remarketing purposes. Cookies, tokens, sessions and signatures are some of the formats for collecting user information. OpenID 2.0 is the authentication layer created at the top of OAuth2. JWT or RESTful tokens are used to know user details. Third-party authorization is beneficial as it saves time.

Bias Recognition
Cognitive bias, attention bias, service availability, blind site tests, belief bias, confirmation bias and contrast effect are some of the problems related to user experience in site design Web. The analysis of all these factors improves the concept and also contributes to web design.

PAHO design
Design operations are nothing more than a team of designers who contribute to the projects. There is no fixed path to the designer's career and web designers are treated together with web developers. The design process, team coordination, design culture and design tools are the four important processes in the team of designers.

In the field of science and technology, the narrative makes the content alive and informative. The design is about the big picture with small details. The product experience or product demand becomes stories to make the design even more powerful. Attend web design training at Velachery and get the dream job.

Artificial intelligence in web design
Wix, GoDaddy, Bookmark, Adobe sensai, Firedrop and the grid are some of the sites that follow artificial intelligence for website design. Artificial intelligence can be used to learn about user participation, their preferences and is the basis for gaining competition in the highly competitive world. Self-learning algorithms, virtual assistants of artificial intelligence, use of artificial intelligence, SEO web analysis, automation of the information gathering process and quality assurance are some of the elements of the intel


HTML is an acronym for hyper text mark up language which is a major mark up language to create web pages. HTML is easy to learn and it can run on any browser. Websites created in HTML are search engine friendly and loads faster than a site created in CMS. There are many advantages of HTML and getting your self familiar in HTML is key.

HTML Syllabus

 Introduction to HTML

 Structural Elements and Attributes


 Working with Layouts



 HTML Tags

 Formatting HTML documents

 Linking Web Pages

 Special effects

 Managing forms


HTML5 is the new standard for web development and it has many advantages over the traditional HTML. With the increasing penetration of mobiles for accessing internet, HTML5 bridges the gap between desktop and mobile.

HTML5 Syllabus

 Overview of HTML5



 HTML5 Components


 Animation using HTML5


CSS is cascading Style sheet which is used to change the text appearance and layout in the web pages during website designing. It is written in mark up language which decides the style of the web pages that are inscribed using HTML and XHTML. It changes the colours, fonts, layout in web pages but the language can contain any type of XML document which includes plain xml file, SVG and XUL.

CSS Syllabus

 Introduction to CSS

 Inheritance and cascading order

 Exploring CSS class and ID attributes

 Block eleven elements

 Various types of styles sheets

 Formatting text, fonts, colours and Background

 HTML Tags

 Fundamentals of Document Object Model(DOM)

Javascript Syllabus

 Javascript is used to create interactive effect in web browsers.


 Statements Syntax

 Values & Variables



 Event Handling

 Timing Events



 Jquery is a Javascript library designed to reduce the coding effort.



 Jquery - DOM

 Jquery Events




It is a server side script language which is started for website designing and is also used for general purpose programming languages.

PHP Syllabus

 Fundamentals of PHP Development

 Advanced PHP Functions


 Various Database concepts

 How to work with forms and system file

 Secure PHP Programming

 Cake PHP

 Model View Controller (MVC)

 Various Data Types


 Advanced OOPS in PHP

 Cookies and Session Management

 Error Handling

 Performance Optimization of PHP Applications




MySql is a widely used Relational database management system which runs on multiuser access database. It is often used for database in web applications. MYSQL consists of various databases which are related with content management systems like wordpress, joomla, drupal and other softwares. It is often used in high profile and extensive websites which includes face book twitter, flickr, you tube etc


 Introduction to MYSQL

 Relational database Models

 Entity Relationship modelling

 Database design

 Distribution Database Management System

 Data Warehouse

 File systems and databases


 Normalization of database tables

 Transaction Management and Concurrency

 Database in e-commerce

 Data Base Administration


You will be going through detailed 2 to 3 months of web designing Hands-on training

  • Detailed instructor led sessions to help you become a proficient Expert in Web designing.
  • Build a Web designing professional portfolio by working on hands on assignments and projects.
  • Personalised mentorship from professionals working in leading companies.
  • Lifetime access to downloadable web designing course materials, interview questions and project resources.
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Many cynical users assume that web browsers do little more than render HTML accordingly. Content is the most important part, they say, so it doesn’t make much difference which browser you use.

This may be true for basic tasks, but despite all the similarities, browsers differ in a subtle and meaningful way, thanks to the hard work of providers looking to establish any margin that can attract more users to their code stack. There are even some features that make each browser unique, and in the world of technology, unique functionality often points the way.

To better understand the evolution of current browsers, we have compiled the following list of promising features unique to a browser. Do not think that this was an easy task; It is difficult to define many of the most important and competitive areas. For example, all browsers use the power of multiple cores and make use of the graphics card, but each one approaches this territory in a slightly different way.

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Web designing Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Details

First of all, Web designing Solution Architect Associate level certification is one of the most popular certification for an individual who perform solution architect role. Also, this certification also has more number of job opportunities and good payscale as well, so that we have shared the certification details Such as Exam Duration, Exam level, Web designing training and certification cost given below.

We are also providing assistance to clear all the levels of Web designing certification exams on successfully completing the Web designing course in our institute. To know more about the training and certification please feel free to reach us via  +91-7358655420

Placement Assistance after completing Web designing course in Chennai

We are providing the complete placement assistance for each and every candidate according to their need. Our placement approach will be unique and professional which is handled down by a separate team of experienced professionals. The team will guide you in,

  • Resume Building
  • Mock Interview by Professionals
  • Updating the frequently asked interview questions & answers
  • Helping you to Complete web designing  Certifications.
  • Regular Assignments & Assessment to examine the candidate’s knowledge
  • Frequent update about the latest job opportunities available in and around Chennai

Web designing Training with Placement in Chennai

The receptive design is very old. In fact, the first site with a design that adapts to different browser window widths was designed around 2002. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the fact that designing for the web has always meant designing for a multitude of sizes. Responsive web design was a natural result.

However, it wasn’t until 2010, when the term responsive web design was officially coined by Ethan Marcotte, an independent web developer who also wrote a book on responsive web design.

Since then, technology has advanced further and we have seen an increasing number of people turning to their smartphones and tablets not only to make calls and send messages, but also to browse news and other sites of interest. In the future, the importance of responsive web design will continue, as most experts predict high continuous levels of mobile use.

When you add everything, it is clear that responsive web design is here to stay. More importantly, there are some advantages in responsive web design. In this article, we will cover the features and benefits of responsive web design. We will also show you how your site and your company can benefit from adoption.

Web designing Online Training India

Improved user experience

A responsive website leads to a better user experience. An important factor that indicates the quality of the user experience is the time they spend on your site. If they find it difficult to navigate or use because they are forced to pinch and zoom constantly, they will not remain in place.
But if your site scales and responds to changes in screen size, visitors will have no trouble accessing menus, links, buttons or completing forms. As a result, the user experience will be better and they will spend more time on your site.
Improved user experience and usability of the site can lead to more word of mouth referrals and new customers for your business.

An increase in mobile traffic

Statistics show that in the last quarter of 2017, almost 52% of all global web traffic came from mobile devices. This represents more than half of all Internet traffic and shows that you cannot afford to give up responsive web design. Start by researching how many of your visitors come from mobile devices and the time they spend on your site. Then implement the responsive design and compare the two numbers. Once your site adapts to the width of the graphic window, you will notice an increase in mobile visits and more time on the site by the same visitors.

Highlights of Web designing Training by Placement Point Solutions:

Faster website development

Recently, a common practice was to create a separate mobile version of your site, which served when a smaller screen size was detected. However, developing a mobile version of your site takes longer than developing a responsive site that looks good and works as expected, no matter what device your visitors are using. Another disadvantage of a mobile site version is that they cost more because your developer needs to create two sites instead of one.

Easier maintenance
Directly linked to the previous point, it is easier to maintain the site. With two versions of your site, your development team or team needs to share time and resources by managing two sites. With a responsive website, your team can spend less time on maintenance and focus on more important tasks such as marketing, A / B testing, customer service, product or content development, and more.

No penalty for duplicate content
Another point to consider in two versions of your site is that you are essentially creating duplicate content. While search engines get smarter every day, they still need to understand which version of the site is more important. If you are using a mobile version of your site, your content will remain the same, even if the URL is different.
This can make both versions of your site have a lower ranking in search engines because search engines don’t know what content is relevant. If you want both versions of your site to have a good ranking, you must create two separate SEO strategies and campaigns and invest significantly more money in producing original and desktop content for your site.
Because having two separate SEO strategies requires a lot of time and money, most website owners use a canonical tag on their mobile site that points to the desktop version. As a result, most separate mobile sites are not ranked in search engines.
With a responsive website, all previous headaches can be successfully avoided. If you have any questions about the importance of responsive web design, this should help ease them.

Ranked as Best Web designing Training in Chennai

 Simpler website analysis
When you have two different versions of your site, you need to track two sets of site analysis to find out where visitors come from and how they interact with your content. This means that you need to track multiple subscriptions and thank you pages, conversion points, funnels and more.
On the other hand, with a responsive site, your site statistics are greatly simplified as it keeps track of a single set of data. You can still get information about what devices and browsers your visitors are using, where they are located and how much time they spend on your site, but you don’t need to read data from multiple reports to get an accurate picture.

Better site loading times
Receptive sites tend to load faster on all devices, but especially on smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the receptive images and the flowing grids, it takes much less time to load a page, which directly affects the duration of the user’s visit. According to the survey, 53% of mobile visitors will leave a site if the pages take more than three seconds to load. The same research shows that sites that load quickly benefit from more time on the site and better conversion rates. This speaks a lot about the importance of responsive web design.

Lower bounce rates
The bounce rate means the percentage of visitors to a specific site that navigates outside the site after viewing only one page. As we mentioned earlier, a responsive site means that visitors will stay at the site longer, which reduces their bounce rate. Visitors will be more inclined to click and read other pages of the site and explore all that it has to offer.

Ranked as Best Web Desingin Training in Chennai

• Blinking, rotating or blinking pictures
• Black background with white, clear or pale text.
• Black backgrounds with dark text
• covered background pictures occupied with any coloured text
• All targeted
• several pictures or immense images
• List of links
• Too several titles or intermittent text

• within the info on the web site, design is commonly noted because the structure and navigation of an entire web site.

  • To align the image so one are often larger or smaller than the opposite, use the alignment instruction on its SRC IMG tag.
    you’ll additionally use align = high otherwise you can do align = middle / bottom

Dreamweaver templates enable webmasters to outline “non-editable” and “editable” regions of an online page, solely “non-editable” regions are often emended within the Dreamweaver guide. Any changes enforced within the Dreamweaver guide can update the markup language pages that use the template.

Both are vogue properties.
Visibility: Hidden: this property hides the component however still occupies area within the style.
• Screen: none: deletes the document component. It doesn’t take up any area despite the fact that the markup language continues to be within the ASCII text file.

To insert the CSS enter any range of markup language files, you want to insert the file once the <head> tag victimization the “Link” property.
<head> <Link REL = piece of paper H referee = “filenames” sort = “text / css”> </head>

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