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Let’s say one of your friends posted a photo on Facebook. Now you will like the image and you will also begin to review the comments. Now, while browsing the comments, you will see that the count of likes has increased by 100 whenever you liked the image without even reloading the page. This magic count change is due to Reactjs.React is a definitive, prolific and versatile JavaScript library for building UIs.

 It is ‘V’ in MVC. ReactJS is a component-based open source front-end library, responsible only for the application preview layer. It is maintained by Facebook.

React uses a declarative paradigm that facilitates thinking about its application and aims to be efficient and flexible. Create simple views for each state of your application and React updates efficiently and represents the correct component when the data changes. The declarative display makes your code more predictable and easier to debug.

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library that is used to create user interfaces specifically for single page applications. It is used to handle the preview layer of web and mobile applications. React also allows us to create reusable user interface components. React was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer who works on Facebook. React was first implemented in Facebook news in 2011 and in 2012.


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Key Features

About React js Course

js or ReactJS) is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. React can be used as a base in the development of single-page or mobile applications, as it is optimal for fetching rapidly changing data that needs to be recorded.

This Course is intended for web developers, programmers who want to build awesome UI’s using React and Flux. It is also well suited for those who are already working and would like to take certification for further career progression.

Earning Placement Point Solutions Certification in ReactJS can help candidate differentiate in today’s competitive job market, broaden their employment opportunities by displaying their advanced skills, and result in higher earning potential

Companies using ReactJS

There are lots of MNC’s using ReactJS as a part of their web development. Some of the most common are listed below.

Netflix – the biggest paid video-streaming service
Yahoo! – the mail client in React
Sberbank – the number one bank in Russia
Facebook– It was the first place where react was created.
WhatsApp– for real-time messaging, notifications, and unfurling

Web application developers looking to use React for application development and Flux for unidirectional data flow and also Job seekers looking to find employment in IT or software development departments of various companies like Netflix, Yahoo, Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram etc.

Companies that hire Placement Point Solutions Certified ReactJS Developer

ReactJS developers are in great demand. Companies like Netflix, Facebook, Yahoo specializing in web application development or website development are constantly hiring skilled ReactJS developers. Various public sector companies also need ReactJS developers for their IT or software development departments.

React js Training Key Features

  • Overview
  • Course Content
  • Program Details
  • Reviews

Learning Outcomes of our Best React js Training

ReactJS advantages

  1. Easy domain. React is based on lightweight programming languages, enough to remember how HTML works and voila, you're in business. It is not necessary to study TypeScript deeply, as in Angular, sufficient superficial knowledge.
  2. High level of flexibility and maximum responsiveness.
  3. The Document Object Model (DOM) allows you to combine HTML, XHTML or XML documents according to certain criteria, usually in a tree, so React is ideal for web browsers when analyzing various elements of web applications.
  4. It is excellent when working with ReactJS ES6 / 7 and can handle any load.
  5. Linking data with each other (in a certain direction, often down) ensures the immutability of the primary data; Child elements cannot change the data string.
  6. An open source JavaScript data library is improved daily, thanks to open source, developers around the world are making technological contributions to the database.
  7. The lightweight database, processes that occur by the user, can easily participate in the server.
  8. Migration between versions is usually very simple, Facebook provides "code codes" to automate a large part of the process.

React JS, a JavaScript library particularly suitable for designing user interfaces in extensive data-driven web applications, allows updates and rendering of components without reloading the page. Basically, the main winning stars of React JS on GitHub are the ability to simplify the creation of interactive user interfaces and also the comfortable coexistence with other libraries or JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS. Not only is it maintained by Facebook, but also used by commercial giants such as PayPal, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix and BBC. Therefore, it is unlikely that its uninterrupted popularity and established position in the community will lead the ranking next year.

React contains the complete collection of integrated tools or clichés that the software development engineer gets used to. Status management at the component level. The new React connection context and API means that you do not need a third-party library and can manage functional states at the component level, improving modularity and reuse

Introduction To React & JSX

  • Origins of React
  • React.js Syntax
  • Overview of JSX and why you should use it
  • Getting hold of everything you need to start coding

React Components

  • React component Properties
  • Setting Properties
  • Component Lifecycle
  • Updating Components
  • Writing your first React.js component
  • Mounting Components


  • Expressions & Attributes
  • JSX Basics
  • Namespaced Components
  • Rendering HTML
  • Rendering React Components


  • Views & Controller-Views
  • Flux is not MVC!
  • Data Flow
  • Action, Dispatcher, Store & View
  • Flux Application Architecture
  • Structure

Event Handling In React

  • Key Events
  • Event Pooling
  • React.js Event Handlers
  • Synthetic Event

Creating A Dynamic UI In React

  • Keeping components stateless
  • Event Delegation
  • React Stateful Components
  • Auto binding

Integration With Other Libraries

  • Gulp & Browserify
  • React with jQuery
  • React & AJAX

React Server Integration & Deployment

  • httpster
  • npm

You will be going through detailed 2 to 3 months of React js Hands-on training

  • Detailed instructor led sessions to help you become a proficient Expert in react js.
  • Build a react  js professional portfolio by working on hands on assignments and projects.
  • Personalised mentorship from professionals working in leading companies.
  • Lifetime access to downloadable react js course materials, interview questions and project resources.
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Placement Point Solutions provides an affordable react js Training in Chennai which provides ultimate support to the candidates. Like wise, our react js course content covers all the topics from basics like networking and could computing introduction to advanced topics.  Such as cloud front, elastic cache, and also cloud formation. Most importantly,  this unique hands-on training program helps the candidates to be highly qualified react js Also Minimum amazon web services training cost in Chennai while comparing others since providing the best training in the city.

In addition, Cloud Computing training in Chennai with react js Certification is much needed now because of its market growth. The survey says the worldwide market growth of Cloud computing increasing at an average of 30%. In that “react js” is the best and most used cloud service platform.

Don't stop learning and check this other courses.


react js Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Details

The kit also contains several basic elements such as buttons, badges, sliders, menu, pagination, navigation bars, tabs and pills. You can customize the style, size and color for most elements. JavaScript elements include modes, tooltips, date and time picker, carousels and pop-ups. In addition to using the kit to start a new project, you can also re-stylize any old Bootstrap project. The Pro version contains many more components, sections and sample pages.

This collection is a JavaScript library built on Facebook’s React library and is compatible with any JavaScript-based project. This tool exceeds the 8,000 star rating on Github.

Placement Assistance after completing React js course in Chennai

We are providing the complete placement assistance for each and every candidate according to their need. Our placement approach will be unique and professional which is handled down by a separate team of experienced professionals. The team will guide you in,

  • Resume Building
  • Mock Interview by Professionals
  • Updating the frequently asked interview questions & answers
  • Helping you to Complete React js Certifications.
  • Regular Assignments & Assessment to examine the candidate’s knowledge
  • Frequent update about the latest job opportunities available in and around Chennai

React js Training with Placement in Chennai

When working with React Toolbox, you can choose to import grouped components or plain components. The difference is that for the first one, the components come with all the necessary dependencies and themes injected for you. This means that the CSS of each dependency will be available in its final CSS automatically. In contrast, with raw components, CSS is not included. This means that you must provide a theme through the properties so that the component has the proper style. React Toolbox is reaching the 8,500 mark in Github.

React js Online Training India

As we all know the demand for Cloud Computing is increasing day by day hence it is the right time to learn React js. Our React js Online Certification training will help you learn React js online through step by step process from certified cloud developers.


Highlights of React js Training by Placement Point Solutions:

  • First of all our, React js certification course will be handled React js certified & experienced professionals.
  • Secondly, Placement Point Solutions ranked as the No.1 React js training institute in Chennai due to covering most React js Services and specially designed React js course content.
  • Most Importantly, real-time project scenarios & case studies will be shared during the React js certification course.
  • Further, Providing placement assistance & React js certification guidance to every individual candidate.
  • Similarly, You will learn all the significant and most used React js during the session.
  • We offer mock interviews, job updates and also regular trending updates on React js & Cloud Computing.
  • Likewise, Providing the best React js training and certification in affordable course fees.
  • In addition, React js training program available over online and classroom as weekend & weekday sessions.

Ranked as Best React js Training in Chennai

  • Firstly, Placement Point Solutions ranked as the No.1 React js  Training institute in Chennai. We have successfully trained 1500+ IT professionals.
  • Detailed Course Plan to help both Fresher & Experienced Professionals, detailing on 20+ services.
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  • Likewise, Skilled & expert trainers with 10+ years of IT industry experience. Most Importantly React js Certification Course is handled by React js Professional Level Certified Trainers
  • In addition, flexible React js training program in Weekdays, Weekends and Online as well.
  • On other hand, Complete Hands-on React js training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.
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Ranked as Best React js Training in Chennai

Now the main question before us is why I should use ReactJS. There are many open source platforms to facilitate the development of front-end web applications such as Angular. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of React over other competitive structures or technologies. With the front world changing daily, it is difficult to take the time to learn a new structure, especially when that structure can finally become a dead end. So if you are looking for the best option, but you feel a bit lost in the jungle of frameworks, I suggest you check React.

Here are the five most impressive features of React.js chosen by the Placement point solutions team.

  1. Simply put, the concept is “say what, not how.” You can create the application’s user interface by creating view after view. With React.js, the code focuses on what is shown, not on the steps to be followed. For a noncoder, the second approach seems more intuitive. And it is actually faster to create and debug a screen or component with this method. Declarativity means excellent DX (developer experience), which generally translates into an excellent UX.


  1. Component based approach. You can create applications with React.js using building blocks: components that may be responsible for a user interface function (for example, a button), network communication (for example, a data browser) or very long functions. more complex, such as managing the state (for example, Redux Provider). This modular approach facilitates the implementation and visualization of a design system (for example, with Storybook). The components in React.js are an attractive DX.


  1. Minimalism. React.js is small and fast to download. It doesn’t take much work to set up the programming environment. In addition, you do not always have to load the entire application thanks to the code division function, which can significantly reduce the loading time of your site or web application. Fast and easy loading times are crucial for both the user experience and the marketing (SEO) of your product, because Google promotes sites with short load times.
  2. Huge ecosystem and flexibility. When choosing a technology for your digital product, you want to use a programming language or framework that is already popular, and most importantly, that will remain popular in the future. Extensive use provides the most crucial features: a set of talented developers who know about technology and want to learn and excel in it, and expand component libraries and new application areas. React.js has it all.


  1. Compatibility with previous versions. It is always good that the software can work with previous versions of the libraries it uses (or depends on). However, few languages   and frameworks can provide backward compatibility because it is expensive. Fortunately, Facebook had to invest in maintaining compatibility with previous versions for internal corporate use. Some FB applications still execute code snippets created when React was still in its infancy, with no compatibility issues.

Real DOM                                                          

  1. Updates slowly.
  2. You can directly update the HTML.
  3. Create a new DOM if the item is updated.
  4. DOM manipulation is very expensive.
  5. A lot of memory waste.


  1. It updates faster.
  2. You cannot update HTML directly.
  3. Update JSX if the item is updated.
  4. DOM manipulation is very easy.
  5. No memory loss.
  • React is a front-end JavaScript library produced through Facebook during 2011.
  • Follow the component-based approach, which helps build reusable user interface components.
  • It is used for the development of complex and interactive web and mobile interfaces.
  • Although it was open source only in 2015, it has one of the largest communities that support it.

The main features of React are listed below:

  1. Use the virtual DOM instead of the real DOM.
  2. ii) Use the server side representatio
  3. iii) Follow the unidirectional data stream or data link.
  • Some of the main advantages of React are:

    1. increases application performance
    2. ii) It can be conveniently used on client and server.

          iii) Due to JSX, the readability of the code increases

    1. React is easy to integrate with other structures such as Meteor, Angular, etc.
    2. With React, writing UI test cases becomes extremely easy.

The reaction limitations are listed below:

  1. Reacting is just a library, not a complete structure
  2. ii) Your library is very large and requires time to understand

            iii) It can be a bit difficult for beginner programmers to understand

           iv. Coding becomes complex as it uses online modeling and JSX 

    • JSX is an abbreviation for XML XML. This is a type of file used by React that uses JavaScript expressivity along with HTML syntax as a template. That makes the HTML file certainly simple to follow. This file makes applications robust and increases its performance.

A virtual DOM is a lightweight JavaScript object that was originally only the copy of the real DOM. This is a node tree which lists every elements, their attributes including content being Objects and their properties. The React rendering function creates a node tree from the React components. Then update this tree in response to mutations in the data model caused by various actions taken by the user or the system.

This virtual DOM works in three simple steps.

  1. Each time you change any underlying data, the entire UI will be represented again in the virtual DOM representation.
  2. Then, the difference between the previous representation of the DOM and the new one is calculated.
  3. At the end of the calculations, the actual DOM will be updated only with the things that really changed.

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