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AngularJS Training in Chennai with highly experienced Professionals. PLACEMENT POINT SOLUTIONS is the best place to learn AngularJS Training in Chennai. According to the reviews across the Internet, We are Ranked as Best training Institute for AngularJS in Chennai, Velachery and OMR. AngularJS Training in Chennai offering at PLACEMENT POINT SOLUTIONS is purely job and technical knowledge oriented with 10+ real-time projects.

Our AngularJS Course content designed from very basic to advanced level, so that you can learn the AngularJS from scratch. From the 1st day session, you will understand how the web applications as divided and how they are working internally, etc., We do not directly dive into the course topics, before every topic, you will understand the purpose of the module and where we are going to use those modules.

PLACEMENT POINT SOLUTIONS providing Best AngularJS Training in Chennai with Free Placement Assistance. You can start to Develop Powerful and Rich Web applications from day 1 of our Best AngularJS Training.

First of all Providing the BEST AngularJS Training to You, Let’s take a glance about AngularJS before going further about the training.

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Key Features

About AWS Course

“Write Less and Do More” Standardize the web application structure and also provides a future template.

  • No need to learn another scripting language. Hence, It’s just pure JavaScript and HTML.
  • Furthermore, Easy to use and Get Started in few Minutes.
  • Supports MVC completely because of its structure.
  • Also, A declarative user interface.
  • In addition, Behavior with extending simple HTML DOM.
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • AJAX
  • AngularJS
  • Express JS
  • Node JS
  • Many Popular NPMs
  • MongoDB

Angular 8 has some breaking changes in Angular 6, that’s why they released it as a new Version called Angular 8. You may think that why Angular 3 missed because the router package was in version 3.x. To avoid the confusion, they ignored Angular 3. The breaking changes are very easy to update in an earlier version, nothing to worry to update your App to Angular 8.

Here you have the link to check our Angular 8 Training


“The best things in life are not planned, they simply just happen”

The above quote exactly suits for AngulrJS. Here is an interesting story behind the foundation of AngularJS.

In 2008, Miskov Hevery a Google employee started to do a project about simplifying the Web Application. The Project’s Aim is “Anyone can create web application easily, without prior knowledge of HTML and extending some existing HTML elements”. At the end of the project, he had a hard time to explain the project.

At that time, Miskov’s manager asked him to work on one of the Google internal application called as Google Feedback Application. Along with Misko, another 2 developers started to write code but the code becomes 17000 lines. It was very hard to handle the code. In that application, to add one label in HTML you have to write plenty of code in Java and compile it.

Now Misko challenged to his manager that he can develop this project with minimal code by using his Application (AngularJS) in 2 weeks. But he failed to do it in 2 weeks but did it in 3 weeks. The 17000 lines code reduced to 1500 lines in just 3 weeks. His Manager is very impressed and asked Mikov to develop further the Angular framework.

Now the Google’s internal Application developed by Angular.

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AWS Training Key Features

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  • Course Content
  • Program Details
  • Reviews

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. AngularJS is a Superheroic JavaScript MVC framework. AngularJS Application works as Single Page Applications (SPA) without reloading Entire page. It used HTML as a Template language and it extends existing HTML elements with attributes called Directives. Application data binds to HTML with Expressions.AngularJS is a powerful Front end MVC framework for create Rich Internet Applications.

The Amazing feature of AngularJS is a Two-way Data Binding, Since None of the other web-based languages support it.

If you have Good Knowledge in JavaScript or having work experience in AngularJS 1.x versions means you are ready to Learn Angular 7!!

Please Check our Best AngularJS Training Course Content.

Learning Outcomes of AngularJS Course:

  • Become an Expert in Native JavaScript, JSON and AJAX.
  • Depth understanding of Single Page Applications and Two-way data binding.
  • Overall knowledge of components, services and Dependency Injection.
  • Get the ability to create any Custom Pipes and Custom Directives.
  • Create any Angular applications with robust features.
  • Expertise on HTTP, Observable, Routing, Form validation, etc.
  • You can able to work on the server side - Node JS.
  • Strong knowledge on implementing REST API by using Express JS.
  • Develop CURD Application by using MongoDB.
  • Be able to build a real-time Shopping Cart Application by using MEAN STACK.

Our AngularJS Course Includes

  • Lifetime access to Course Materials.
  • Downloadable Real-time project codes.
  • Assessments in every section.
  • Project-based practicals under every topic.
  • 50+Assignments.
  • Weekly 8 job reference.
  • Round the clock technical support through WhatsApp.
  • Real-time Shopping cart Application by using Angular, Node js, Express js & MongoDB.
  • Flexible batch timings.
  • Certificate of Completion.
Section 1: TypeScript Introduction 
  • What is TypeScript?
  • Features of TypeScript.
  • How to compile TypeScript into JS?
  • What is Transpilation?
Real-time Practicals
  • Installing Typescript Engine in Node.
  • Compiling TS code (source) to JS code (source).
Section 2: Node Introduction
  • What is Node?
  • Node Environment setups.
  • A Brief Node Introduction.
  • What is Node Modules?
  • What are the Types of Node Modules available?
  • What is Local & Global Module?
Section 3: TypeScript Environment Setups
  • Install TypeScript Engine in Node.
  • Execute the 1stTypeScript code.
  • What is watcher?
  • Introduction of ts-node NPM.
Real-time Practicals
  • Practicing Watcher mode.
Section 4: Variables in TS
  • Difference between Static & Dynamic type checking.
  • How to Declare & Define Variables in TS?
  • What is any in TS?
  • Difference between let & var.
  • Template string introduction.
Section 5: Datatypes in TS
  • Brief Introduction of below types,
    - String
    - Number
    - Boolean
    - Array
    - Object
    - Tuple
    - Enum
    - Any
    - Void
    - Never
    - Null
    - Undefined
Real-time Practicals
  • Practicing different types of Data types in TS.
 Section 6: Different Types of Parameters in TS
  • Difference between JS parameter & TS Parameter.
  • Let vs var vs const
  • Passing Parameters to the functions.
  • How to pass optional parameter?
  • What is Default Parameter?
  • How to use default parameter before required parameter?
  • Rest Parameter overview.
Real-time Practicals
  • Passing all above parameters in a single function.
 Section 7: Features in TS.
  • Arrow functions.
  • Where to use Arrow functions?
  • Destructing an Array.
  • Destructing and Object.
 Section 8: OOPS in TypeScript
  • What is Class?
  • What is Class definition? ?
  • What is Object? ?
  • How to Create Object?
  • Brief introduction about,
    - Property
    - Method
    - Constructor
  • What is Inheritance?
  • Different types of Inheritance in TS. ?
  • Access modifiers in TS. ?
  • Readonly in TS. ?
  • Static Property & Methods in TS.
  • Interface in TypeScript.
Real-time Practicals
  • Practicing all opps in a real-time examples.
  • Converting JS function into TS Class with oops concepts.


Section 1: Introduction to Angular
  • What is Angular?
  • Difference between framework & Library?
  • History of Angular and its versions.
  • Why Angular?
  • Features of Angular.
  • What is Single Page Application?
  • Difference between SPA & Traditional Application.
  • What is MVC?
  • How MVC works in Client & Server sides?
Section 2: Angular 8 Environment setups
  • What is Angular CLI?
  • Purpose of the CLI.
  • Angular CLI installation.
  • Create a Basic Angular App by using CLI.
  • Executing the Angular Application in the browser.
  • How an Angular app Bootstrapping?
  • Brief explanation about the structure of the Angular App.
Section 3: Main Building Blocks of Angular
  • An Overview of the below Building blocks of Angular
    - Modules
    - Components
    - Templates
    - Metadata
    - Data binding - Directives
    - Services
    - Dependency Injection.
  • What is Module & its importance?
  • What is Root Module and Child Module?
Section 4: Components in Angular 8
  • What is Component?
  • How to create a Component manually and through CLI?
  • What is Component decorator and its Meta data?
  • Component’s Structure overview.
  • Component Lifecycle Hooks.
  • Components Interactions overview.
  • How to pass Data from Parent to Child & Child to Parent?
Section 5: Data Bindings and Event Bindings in Angular 8
  • What is Data Binding?
  • What is Two-way Data Binding?
  • String Interpolation.
  • Style Binding, Class Binding.
  • Overview of Event Binding.
  • Element reference and $event service in Angular.
  • Event Filtering
Section 6: Services in Angular 8
  • What is Services?
  • Why should we use Services?
  • How to create Services in Angular?
  • Singleton Object - Overview
  • What is Dependency Injection?
  • How to use Dependency Injection?
  • What is providers?
  • What is @Injectable()?
  • What is Hierarchical DI?
Section 7: Directives & Custom Directives in Angular 8
  • What is Directives?
  • What are the Different kind of Directives available in Angular?
  • Difference between Structural & Attribute Directives.
  • Overview of All Structural & Attribute Directives.
  • Difference between ngIf & hidden directives.
  • How to create Custom Attribute Directive?
  • How to create Custom Structural Directive?
  • How to pass Input property to the custom directive?
  • How to receive Input property from the custom directive?
  • What is Pipe in Angular?
  • Purpose of the Pipes.
  • Difference between Pipes & Directives.
  • Detailed explanation of the below Pipes,
    - Lowercase
    - Uppercase
    - Titlecase
    - Slice
    - Json
    - Number
    - Percent
    - Currency
    - Date
  • What is Pure Pipe & Impure Pipe?
  • How to create Custom Pipes?
  • What is chaining Pipes?
  • What is Parameterized Pipe?
Section 9: Components Communication
  • Overview of Components Interaction
  • Share data between components by using Service
  • Component Interaction from Parent to Child.
  • Component Interaction from Child to Parent.
  • @ViewChild decorator overview
  • Components Interaction by using Event Emitter & Subject and observable
Section 10: Event Emitter and other special Directives
  • What is Event Emitter?
  • When to use Event Emitter?
  • How to transfer data with Event Emitter?
  • How to create Custom Events and Trigger?
  • View Encapsulation Overview.
  • What is ng-content and its purpose?
  • ng-container Directive overview.
Section 11: Template Driven Form in Angular
  • What is Template Driven Form?
  • Purpose of Form.
  • How to setup a form in Angular?
  • What is form control and how to set it?
  • What is ngForm?
  • How to Access form values?
  • What are the form states available in Angular?
  • Form Validations.
  • HTML5 Validation vs Angular form Validation.
  • How to set default values in form fields?
  • Setup One-way data binding in Angular.
Section 12: Reactive Form in Angular
  • What is Reactive Form?
  • Difference between Template Drive & Reactive Form
  • How to sync view & Reactive form TS?
  • What is Reactive form control and how to set it?
  • How to attach Dynamic Validations?
  • How to get Reactive from Values?
Section 13: Service and Dependency Injection in Angular
  • What is Service in Angular?
  • Create & configure Service in Angular.
  • How to do Dependency Injection in Angular?
  • What is Singleton Object?
  • Multiple DI in single Class.
Section 14: Routing in Angular 8
  • What is Routing?
  • How Routing makes our App into SPA?
  • How to configure Routing in an Application?
  • Load our components dynamically based on url path.
  • How to create Child Route?
  • Navigating to other links programmatically.
  • Passing Parameter to the Routes.
  • Static Route vs Dynamic Route.
  • Fetching Route Params.
Section 15: HTTP & Observable in Angular
  • How to establish HTTP request to Server side.
  • How HTTP Mechanism works?
  • What are the methods available in HTTP?
  • What is Observable & Observer?
  • What are the call back methods available in Observable?
  • How to create a Custom Observable?
  • What is next(), error() and complete() ?
  • How to connect any backend & APIs?
  • What is CORS?
  • How to resolve CORS errors?
Section 16: Authorization in Angular
  • Client side Authorization vs Server side Authorization.
  • How to create Guard in Angular?
  • Setup Route Guard.
  • Server side Authorization by using JWT Token.
  • HTTP interceptors.
Section 17: File Upload in Angular
  • Angular form setups for File Upload.
  • Server side setups for Angular.
  • Multer NPM in node.
  • How to use Multer NPM as middleware in Node?
  • Attach the Multer middleware in server-side routing.
Section 18: Real-time Project in Angular
  • Applying all the above in a real-time Shopping Cart Application.

Node JS

Section 1: Introduction to Node JS
  • What is Node JS?
  • Overview of Node JS?
  • How Node JS Works?
  • Event-Driven concept overview
Section 2: Node Package Manager
  • What is NPM?
  • What types of NPMs available?
  • How to install NPMs?
  • Different Useful NPMs example
Section 3: Create a Node Server
  • What is HTTP NPM?
  • How to create a Node Server?
  • How to run a Node Server?
  • What is Nodemon NPM?
Section 4: Express JS
  • What is Express JS & why Express JS?
  • Middleware Overview.
  • Middleware Types and usage.
  • What is request & Response Object?
  • What are the Response methods available?
  • Server-side Routing by using Express.
  • Body-parser NPM overview
  • Multer NPM overview
  • RESTful API in Express
Section 5: Json Web Token – JWT
  • What is JWT?
  • Why JWT?
  • How to create JWT token?
  • How to verify the JWT token?

You will be going through detailed 2 to 3 months of AngularJS Hands-on training

  • Detailed instructor led sessions to help you become a proficient Expert in AngularJS.
  • Build a AngularJS professional portfolio by working on hands on assignments and projects.
  • Personalised mentorship from professionals working in leading companies.
  • Lifetime access to downloadable AngularJS course materials, interview questions and project resources.
Best Institute for learn AngularJS  

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I have completed B.E(CSE). Actually, I came to Placement Point Solutions to attend an interview referred by my sister. I have not got through the interview So, My sister suggested me to take up a course in Placement Point Solutions. Initially, I was very doubtful in studying a course. The course content was very good and was explained clearly. The effort taken by my staff Mr. Gopi to teach was really very useful for me. Regular works given by him helped me to learn it well.

Best AngularJS Training – CredoSystemz  

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I have done angularjs from the best faculty trainer Gopi. Hence so many institutes are there for angularjs training in chennai where they focus on finishing the course soon but here the training has more practical sessions which helps to learn the subject clearly. There is no words to describe the trainer and training institute.

Interactive and Practical Oriented Training  

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I Recently completed my AngularJS Training in this Institute, I'm 100% satisfied with the training, the course content was recently updated one which covers all the latest updates, the session were very interactive and my trainer provided many practical sessions which makes it easier to learn. Over all I like to thank Placement Point Solutions.

Best Training and Fully Satisfied!!  
Lava Kumar   

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After lot of google surfing, I decided to join in Credo systems for Angular JS course. The Trainer name is “Gopi” he given me overview of the course in the demo. Finally I joined Placement Point Solutions in velachery branch. The training was very good, in training he covered max all topics. If you want learn Angular JS “Gopi” is the right guy. I recommend Credosystemz for Angular JS. Thank you Gopi for your best training.

Great Learning Experience  

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I have 5 years of experience in web development. My ambition is get place in MNCs but the problem is most of MNCs don't have vacancies for PHP. So i decided to switch the domain and I came to know that AngularJS has huge openings. I googled for best angularjs training and found Placement Point Solutions. Then I explored course content and reviews about Placement Point Solutions and decided to attend Demo session and I'm very much impressive and joined the course.

Practical Oriented Training  

Author Picture

I completed the angularjs training and core java at this institute in velachery. Consultants are more interactive with more practical sessions and also giving clarification by spending more time with us. I have shifted to Angularjs project in my organisation now and really it is useful now in my job. Much appreciated trainer gopi and the training community Credo. Keep rocking

Worthy AngularJS Training from Best Training institute in Chennai  

Author Picture

I am having 20 years of software development experience. The quality of AngularJS training is excellent. The details of training and workflow is really good. I appreciate the way of presentation and examples. As part of training we had option to build real time example and its helped lot to understand the AngularJS Directives , pattern and implementation. Part of training program we also discussed the real-time challenges and solution. Trainer is flexible on timing, professional and approachable.

Excellent JavaScript and AngularJS Training in Chennai  

Author Picture

I am Natheera, joined Placement Point Solutions for Angular JS course. I got the reference from google and one of the best centers in Velachery. I personally visited the center for enquiry and demo. The demo was brief and clear and made me to choose CREDO for Training. The training sessions were interactive with practical examples. The topics were covered completely in my limited time as fast tract course.

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Real-time Project - Shopping cart Application

A real-time Shopping cart app from very scratch to Advanced level. The project includes Register, Login, Client-side Authorization, Server-side Authorization, Add Products, List products, Filter products by category wise, Add to cart, View cart, Update cart, Delete cart items, Search, View Product details, Logout.


Project image
How to convert HTML app into Angular App, How to load external CSS, JS & Jquery, Routing, Route Guard, Dynamic Routing, Connect REST API, Observable, Subject, Behaviour Subject, Event Emitter, HTTP Interceptor, Child Routes, File upload, Split app into different Modules, Eager Loading, Lazy Loading, Async Loading.

Project image
Integrate Angular Material Module and UI Components

Project image
Create Node Server, Add Express app, Create RESTFUL API, Middlewares, Receive post data from front-end, Receive BLOB data, JWT, User Authorization, Dynamic Routes.

Project image
CURD applications in MongoDB, Join Query in MongoDB.

Project image
How to do a Unit Test for a function, String, Array and a Component.
The Real-time Project Demo – Live Preview

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Our Best AngularJS Course Program Schedule

We are also providing assistance to clear all the levels of AngularJS certification exams on successfully completing the AngularJS course in our institute. To know more about the training and certification please feel free to reach us via  +91-7358655420


Job opportunities in AngularJS?

Huge job openings available for AngularJS. Now it’s booming in the IT industry. Even in Top MNCs, they rebuild their existing projects in AngularJS. It’s never too late, Get Best AngularJS Training from us and Make your entry in the IT industry with the latest Technology. Placement Point Solutions also helps you for your placement. We have tied-up with our client companies and whenever they have recruitment, our clients conduct walk-in drives or we will send our candidate’s CV to them.

Top Factors which makes us the BEST AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai

  • Providing AngularJS Training in Chennai on both Weekends and Weekdays. In addition, Online Training.
  • We provide free placement assistance because we care about your career.
  • Flexible session timings, So you can choose your Best time to learn AngularJS Training in Chennai.
  • Well Experienced Trainers (MNC Employees), as a result, you can learn Latest AngularJS Topics.
  • Job based and Practical Oriented AngularJS Training in Chennai, therefore easy for your placement.
  • Furthermore the BEST Software Training institute in providing AngularJS Training with placement assistance.
  • Our value is the attention each student receives from us while learning the AngularJs Course.
  • Professional AngularJS Training in Chennai from Expert trainers same as you become an AngularJs Professional.
  • Special offers available, Especially for both Freshers and Students, So the Training Cost is affordable.
  • Our AngularJS Tutorials are the best one for Developers and also for Beginners.
  • We are frequently updating AngularJS Interview Questions, important topics and challenging tasks in our Tutorial
  • Best AngularJS Training in Chennai with Real Time Projects rather than theory Oriented.
  • Furthermore, Hands-on sessions with real time projects in Angular 2 Training in Chennai.
  • Ranked the BEST AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai Velachery as much as all positive Reviews.
  • Interactive practical oriented AngularJS Training in Chennai since from the first class.
  • AngularJS Corporate training program for employees, In addition we conducted many AngularJS Workshops.
  • Placement Point Solutions is the Best AngularJS training center in Chennai.
  • Online AngularJS Training also available. We give more examples and exercises.
  • Further Our AngularJS Course syllabus is standard and latest.
  • We arrange Mock Interviews after completed the training, So you are good in AngularJS Interview Questions.
  • BEST reviews across the Internet for our Software Training Institute.
  • Providing AngularJS Course in chennai with Certification. Finally, you got the Best Angularjs Training Institute


YES! AngularJS is written in JavaScript and when you are writing code for AngularJS You will be writing JavaScript. So it’s essential to know JavaScript before learning AngularJs.If you don’t have Sufficient knowledge in JavaScript, Don’t worry, our AngularJs Training course will kick start from JavaScript.

IT ISN’T HARD AT ALL! Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and good knowledge of JavaScript can be very helpful if you really want to learn AngularJS. If you don’t have a knowledge in JavaScript, no issues, our AngularJS courses begins JavaScript and other prerequisites. In 50 to 60 Hours of course duration, you become an AngularJS Developer.

AngularJS is a purely Front-end Application. In order to work backend or use any databases, we have to choose any backend technologies, so as a backend you will learn her Node JS & MongoDB. You will do one real-time project with the combination of AngularJS, Node JS, Express JS & MongoDB.

You will have your own AngularJS Project! Yes, You can start to write AngularJS code from the day one. In the middle of the course, we will provide you an HTML Template and you have to develop the project in AngularJS. So at the end of the course, you will have your own AngularJS Application. It will Increase your Confident Level. 

YES! After the course completion, We will conduct Three Mock Interviews. In the Three Interviews, We will figure outs Your Technical competence and where to Improve etc. So after the Mock Interviews, You will have a clear vision and It will help you for your Placements.

Top 100 Essential AngularJS Interview Questions

Sample Resume formats for All different Technologies.

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